#ScoopSculpting A new component allows a nice upgrade – Update #117

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We just want to say a quick thank you to so many of you who have written in over the last few weeks supporting our strategy of sticking with out strategy of working on all the details to make MAGFAST truly remarkable. We fully understand that supporting a big project all the way through its development isn’t for everyone, but comments like this from Andy S really make our day!

“The designs are so darn clever! Lots of little things that I never thought of before. You guys must be so excited! I’m not a businessman or money person. . . but I know a great product when I see it—and these are great products!”

Thank you Andy!

This week’s update is about a design improvement we’re making as a result of Seymour’s recent trip to Shenzhen.

The supply-chain for a family of products as complex as MAGFAST is vast and ever-evolving – and its ability to serve us all is constantly improving.

Enter a tiny new component (a smaller USB-C cable plug part) which because it is shorter and lets cables be connected more easily, allows us to make the ‘scoops’ on the top of Life, Extreme, Time & Road significantly more beautiful.

Please take a look and see what you think!

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