#SZX Full Download from Seymour’s Shenzhen Trip – Update #116

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Seymour is writing this from London on his way back from Shenzhen. The week in China was pretty intense and he routed back via the UK (where you’ve probably guessed he was born) to visit his father for 48 hours as its rare he gets away from work to see him.

Anyway before getting on the 13 hour flight from Shenzhen, Seymour recorded a full update for you on a long week of many meetings and much detail.

As he explains in the video, he is never satisfied with the speed of development, but he is very pleased with the care and detail that’s going into this project. It is after all MAGFAST’s raison d’être, because you can pick up chargers where no-one really cared about the details anywhere at any time.

Included in the update is the new film Seymour promised you that touches on the work we’ve done on the LED system.

It’s an even more in-depth update than usual this week. Please take the time to watch and enjoy…

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