#Halloween A frighteningly productive week – and some creepy fun! – Update #115

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Astonishingly, even here in Shenzhen on the other side of the globe there are signs of Hallowe’en decorations in some of the stores!

We thought of this last year one single day before Hallowe’en so didn’t have enough time to get it ready. But this year….

Just for fun we asked Filip (the artist who normally makes our beautiful 3D product animations) to make a spooky scene featuring all the monstrous members of the MAGFAST Family… coloring book style.

It’s simple!

1: Download our coloring template

2: Have fearsome fun creepy coloring it

3: Upload it here when it’s ready!

LEDs Movie Seymour promised

After showing you the thinking behind the LEDelicious system, we’ve designed to make the LED indicators on your chargers delightful and Seymour promised you a look at the new mini-movie we’ve made about them. It’s really gorgeous … but not quite ready for prime-time. We’ll include it in a proper video update next week.


Update from Shenzhen

It’s been a very solid week there, four 10+ hour days of meetings combing over every detail of every product. Seymour can’t remember a time he felt so tired from such exhaustive work (all essentially in the middle of the night – there’s a 12-hour time difference from home.)

We’ll tell you more when Seymour is back next week, but essentially we went through every product line by line, finalizing decisions, tweaking mini-upgrades where we could and refining details all-round.

The system is even better and stronger now and closer than ever… still with much to do.

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